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The Institute for Transport Studies Within the European Economic Integration (ISTIEE) was established in 1959, on the initiative of the University of Trieste and was approved by Presidential Decree No. 368, May 26th, 1975.

ISTIEE is a non-profit, training and research organization, both legally and financially independent from the University of Trieste, but connected by Statute to the University research centres which are specialized in the transport sector (engineering, law, economics).

With one of its regional laws, the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, defined ISTIEE as “a body of technical, juridical and scientific support, meant to boost the development of studies on transport, with particular emphasis on promotional activities that facilitate the spreading and deepening of knowledge in the transport sector, in relation to the role of the regions, within the national and international framework”.

The Board of ISTIEE is composed of the University of Trieste, local area bodies and major public institutions in the world of Italian and international transport (e.g. Italian State Railways, IRU, etc.).

The overall mission of ISTIEE consists in carrying out training and research activities, pure and applied research, aimed at improving the national transportation system and its integration in the European context, with particular attention to the needs of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

On the side of applied research, its close connection with university, together with a wide autonomy allow ISTIEE to organize an optimal coordination of academic and operational expertise for the preparation of studies, with the possibility of using, where necessary, specialists in particular spheres.

The Institute has developed for the purpose of applied research, a network of institutional collaborations with other Italian and European research institutions, as well as with several private entities operating in the field of logistics.

The neutral and “super-partes” character of ISTIEE, guaranteed by the strong links with the university world, along with the high potential of skills, mean that ISTIEE has been considered as a reference for the consultancy services in the field of transport planning, by many institutions with public or semi-public purposes, which have entrusted ISTIEE with major studies of evaluation, planning or optimisation (technical, economic or regulatory) regarding transport systems.

As for other activities, the training activity is held on a regular annual basis and particularly in the field of academic specialization and post-graduate education in the field of transport sciences. Each year in September, a week-long international specialization course is organized. It is also worth mentioning the regular organization of a training course, lasting one week, for undergraduates and graduates in logistics and freight.

ISTIEE’s activity is finally expressed through the publication of the “European Transport - Trasporti Europei – a four-monthly scientific journal of Economics, Engineering, Transport Law”, spread internationally and having the scientific contribution of scholars and specialists, both Italian and foreign. A part of the articles is reserved to issues of specific interests in the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia.






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